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InDroso functional genomics

CRISPR/Cas9 transgenic flies (Drosophila)

Now available : your scarless CRISPR fly lines
for your favourite genes including single point mutation

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inDroso supports your research providing you with Drosophila genome edited using the latest of the CRISPR genome editing technology

Enjoy the experience of a turnkey service:
CRISPR flies at your fingertips

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inDroso your turnkey service for custom edition of Drosophila genome: CRISPR flies, KO, KI, at Locus Tag at your fingertips

Accelerate your research
and stay ahead of the competition

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CRISPR flies from inDroso accelerate your research

Build a solid CRISPR fly collection and stay focused
on the strategic aspects of your research

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With inDroso, stay focussed on strategic aspects of your research and save the time necessary to produce your custom CRISPR genome engineered Drosophila

Enjoy the experience of a turnkey service

And what if from now on obtaining
your CRISPR fly was as simple
as providing the
of your favorite gene ?

Agreement on price & strategy check

At Locus gene edited

chronologie obtaining your CRISPR fly

inDroso all-inclusive service include:

Analysis of the targeted locus: feasibility check

Strategy: gRNAs, homology arms and donor plasmid design & price proposal

inDroso's gRNA and homology arms designed for CRISPR genome engineering

gRNA and donor plasmids production

Quality controls check
in Cas9 embryos
Homologous Directed Recombination following inDroso's injection of the donor plasmid and gRNAs
Selection of transformantscheck drosophily red eye
Validation of the genome editing check
Delivery of the established fly line 4 to 6 months max. from signed agreement to delivery