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InDroso functional genomics

CRISPR/Cas9 transgenic flies (Drosophila)

At locus gene editing in Drosophila using CRISPR

We generate your mutant lines, editing your favorite gene at the locus. inDroso utilizes a methodology based on double strand DNA cleavage followed by Homologous Directed Repair (HDR). The scheme shown below summarizes the different at locus gene editing options available:

inDroso's gRNAs and homology arms designs and production of gRNA and donor

At locus gene editing options

inDroso's CRISPR/Cas9 generated KO line


optional loxP excisable selection marker

inDroso's generation of a point mutation thanks to genome engineering

Point mutation

optional loxP excisable selection marker

inDroso's at Locus Tag insertion, KI, by CRISPR/Cas9 mediated genome editing

TAG insertion (GFP, RFP...)

optional loxP excisable selection marker

inDroso's insertion of an attP landing site for further knock in of your CRISPR flies

Other insertion
(Example: attP landing site)

optional loxP excisable selection marker

inDroso offers the combination of expertise and proven experience to efficiently generate your CRISPR flies. The latest gene editing technology will enable you to

At locus genome editing using CRISPR ensures that the DNA sequence and the genomic organization outside the targeted region are intact.