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InDroso functional genomics

CRISPR/Cas9 transgenic flies (Drosophila)

Why inDroso ?

The benefits of choosing inDroso

fleche all inclusive service What we do
What you gain fleche all inclusive service orange
inDroso all-inclusive service from the design to the delivery of your CRISPR flies inDroso the expert in applying CRISPR technology to Drosophila inDroso experience and optimized protocols shorten lead-time for the generation of your CRISPR flies inDroso’s stringent quality controls ensure you work with reliable tools *Molecular characterization of the engineered
targeted locus by PCR and sequencing.
inDroso supports your laboratory’s performance inDroso provides additional ressource to produce your CRISPR flies inDroso produces reliable tools for you to stay focussed on strategic aspects of your research

In summary, choosing inDroso will allow you to

Maximize your chances of obtaining your CRISPR flies rapidly and stay focused on the strategic aspects of your research

By relying on our expertise, you will save time and effort necessary to develop CRISPR/Cas9 methodology in your own laboratory thus obtaining your CRISPR flies more rapidly and efficiently.

Enjoy the experience of a turnkey service

While most companies provide only micro-injection service, inDroso offers an all-inclusive service. You provide the CG number of your favorite gene, we do the rest.

Accelerate your research and stay ahead of the competition

Your CRISPR fly will allow you to include functional data when submitting a paper for publication, helping you to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Build a solid CRISPR fly collection for future investigations in your laboratory

Our solid expertise combined with stringent quality control enables your laboratory to have high confidence in the fly lines engineered.

InDroso is the original all-inclusive service company offering its genome engineering expertise to the drosophila community.

Quality and customer service

We are building our business and reputation on offering quality service.

Trained in Dr. Roland Le Borgne’s laboratory, inDroso has a staff of highly qualified research engineers and scientists with extensive experience in both the use of Drosophila as a model organism and in the application of CRISPR/Cas9 technology. Each of your projects is assigned to a team comprised of a scientist and a research engineer who give it the personal attention needed to make it a success.

Quality, reliability and customer service are the focus of our organization.